I encourage my clients to feel free to ask questions or give instructions before, during, or after their session so we can make the experience even more comfortable.  If at anytime you feel uncomfortable for any reason, please let me know immediately. This is your time, so feel free to speak up or enjoy more silence throughout a session.


I work strictly on my professional massage table or chair, provide necessary lotions and oils, aromatherapy, and sanitary cleansers.  Most techniques assume clients are disrobed (in privacy) and draped appropriately throughout treatment, however, I can work with any specific comfort level including fully clothed or seated if necessary.  It is expected that you will come to the session freshly bathed.  If I travel to a home or office, all I ask of my clients is to arrange ample space to set-up my table and work (about 6’x9’) under lighting and sound conditions as minimally distracting to them as possible, provide a clean sheet and towel they would not mind coming in contact with clear oils (otherwise I can provide).  Any linens that I provide will be changed and sanitized with each client.


I work mainly through referral so your experience is of greatest concern to me.  At this time I do limit my work with clients undergoing chemotherapy and/or other acute treatment/therapies unless I have primary care physicians’ diagnosis and consent.  In any event that I am not suited for your specific needs I will not hesitate to refer you to a therapist I trust that does.  While massage enhances medical treatments and may shorten the time it takes for the body to recover from injury and illness, it is not a replacement for medical treatment.  Should your condition require medical attention beyond my scope of practice, again, a referral will be made to a qualified medical professional.  It is not within the scope of practice for a massage therapist to make a diagnosis, prescribe for specific conditions, or offer counseling.


All intake forms and client information is kept strictly confidential.  I will not release any information to anyone, under any circumstances, unless I first obtain your express written permission or am subpoenaed by a court of law.