Prior to booking sessions or during a postural evaluation at the beginning of treatment, I will ask new clients to disclose any diagnosed ailments, skin conditions, injuries, disease or past surgeries I should be aware of as well as any allergies (specifically to nuts commonly used in oils), blood sugar or blood pressure irregularities and/or medication being taken to regulate either.  I also make clients aware of the effect massage has on lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation as it relates to the absorption rate of medications they may take throughout the day to time a massage treatment when it would have the least effect on that dosage.

Clients will be required to complete a standard Massage Therapy Intake Form available for viewing or download HERE.

Massage may not be appropriate for individuals with conditions including inflammation of the veins, infectious diseases, certain forms of cancer, and some skin conditions and cardiac problems.  If you have one of these conditions, please check with your doctor before receiving massage.