With pride in my training and foundation in wellness, I find my work both greatly reduces stress, anxiety and tension, and also helps each client to gain an awareness of their body’s postural imbalances or misuse - and the toll that may be taking on their muscles and joints.  Combined, these takeaways will implement the higher level of function they wish to achieve in life - enhancing their body’s healing process and stability, preserving their health, or cementing their connection to the earth under their own strength.

I hold a Certificate of Insurance as a member the American Massage Therapy Association® and am certified in CPR and First Aid as a Healthcare Provider by the American Heart Association®. I remain committed to furthering my growth as a massage therapist and am working toward my certification as a Personal Trainer.  I am currently employed within various health and wellness establishments and continue to develop my own private practice. I also serve as a therapist at various organized sporting, charity fundraising, and corporate chair massage functions